Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Raszyn 19 April 1809

At the Battle of Raszyn, Poniatowki tried to stop an Austrian advance on Warsaw with an army of Poles & Saxons.  The Allies were heavily outnumbered but had a good defensive position behind a small river.  Scenario based on an Age of Eagle's scenario with the OOB from Digby Smith.

Austrians: (Jim, Mike & SteveJ). 12 line inf, 2 grenadiers, 2 yegers, 3 cuirasiers, 3 hussars, 3 batteries.
Allies: (Mark & Mitch). 4 Polish line, 2 Polish light, 5 Saxon line, 2 Saxon grenadier, 1 heavy cav, 1 lancer 2 hussar, 3 batteries.
The river is un-crossable by cavalry & artillery. The ground either side is marshy so 3" move & -1 to fire while in it & no charge bonus emerging from it.  The Allies had improvised defenses on each bridge.

The Allies are on the right.  Only their troops visible to the Austrians are on the table, the cards behind the ridges indicate possible locations of hidden troops.  The Austrians are coming on in 3 columns.  The composition of the columns is not known to the Allies.
The 3 Austrian infantry columns are deploying.  Each column has 4 line inf & a battery. The centre column also has the grenadiers & yegers.

There is are firefights across the river all along the line.  The Austrian hussars came on in the centre & have been sent to the right.  The cuirassiers also came on in the centre. 

On the near flank the Pole have fallen back under fire though one Austrian infantry battalion was also  broken.  Both sides have deployed cavalry in the gaps in the infantry lines.
In the centre Austrian grenadiers have charged over the bridge but so far not broken through.
On the far flank an indecisive fire fight continues. 
On the near flank the Austrian hussars are making a death or glory charge.
In the centre the Austrian grenadiers have been repulsed.
On the near flank the Austrian hussars have been thrown back across the river.
In the centre the defenders of the bridge lost a lot of casualties beating off the grenadiers & were ridden down by cuirassiers.  But Saxon heavy cavalry have moved up to plug the gap.
The Saxon heavy cavalry have stopped the cuirassiers in the village. Both flanks are stalemated.

The Allied infantry is verging on breaking, but so is the Austrian's, & they have no reserves left to continue the attack.  The Austrians decide its time to make a "gesture of good will" and retire.

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Gonsalvo said...

Raszyn is a fun battle to play out on the table, with the Austrians on the attack for once!