Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sudlicht Bolt Action event in Devonport

Mark, Chris & I made the trip to Devonport for the annual Sudlicht Bolt Action event.  The Berwicks set up 10 excellent tables for 18 players for 3 rounds of 1,000 pts games.  

Chris' Japanese won 1, drew 1 & lost one.
Mark's Soviets won 1, drew 1 & lost 1.
My Panzergrenadiers won 2 & lost 1, scoring as 2nd best Axis.

My round 1 game was a win v. French partisans with SAS support.  (Non-book scenario with 3 objectives).
My 2nd game was a sort of blue on blue - a win v. Finns. (5 objective Key Positions).
My 3rd game was a loss v. US Rangers & the best Allied general. (Meeting Engagement).

Everyone played their games in good spirit & a good time was had by all.  Thanks to Russell for his great job running the show.


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