Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Multi-player Bolt Action

Mike deployed 1250 pts of US v. Steve's 1250 pts of Germans on opposite sides of a 10'x6' table with two objectives - the village & the railway bridge.
Then Mark & Mitch turned up, so both sides got reinforcements.  Mark came on the far end of the table (on the US left flank) with 2 Hetzers & 2 half tracks with infantry.  Mitch came on the near end of the table on the German left flank with 2 Shermans & 2 half tracks with British infantry. 

The flanking forces ensured that both sides were able to dominate one objective,so it became a battle of attrition as both side pulled back their left flanks & attacked on their right.  The Germans did better in this than the Allies & lost only one unit to the Allies' five.  


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