Monday, September 11, 2023

The Marne 1914

On opur way to CDG we followed the 1914 Germans to the Marne where they ran out of steam.  Their pincer movement on the French was flanked by the British & they were forced to retreat.

The battle front was about 40km wide, much of it on an open plateau.  Tgis si a view from the Geram right flank towards the north head of the french salient.
This pic is from the same spot looking east behind the Germans towards where the Britishw ere coming from.  The British had to pass though wooded terrain with river & a canal  top cross to reach the Germans - clearly a  major factor in allowing the Germans to retreat out of the pocket they were in.

That's the end of out French expedition.  Tomorrow Renfrey flies home to Southampton & the rest of us catch the TGV to Madrid to rendezvous with Dale.



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