Tuesday, October 24, 2023

ECW: Scots v. English

Scots: Mike & Mark.
English: SteveJ, Chris & Jim

The Scots are on the far side.
The Scots generally advance while the English stand & wait except for extending their line a little on the far flank.
The English flanking move causes the Scots to hold back their left while their right flank infantry are delayed in the farms.   The Scot's cavalry is advancing slowly to match their foot.  In the centre the Scots pike & shot have charged musketeers that fill a gap between the P&S blocks.
In the centre the English Musketeers have been broken by P&S & the P&S on the left have been broken by Scots musketeers.  The English only have one P&S in reserve to plug the gap leaving a gap in the line.  On the far flank the Scots are falling back having been overlapped by the English.
The Scot's cavalry has finally charged the English horse. 
Highlanders have charged the P&S on the hill on the right of the English cavalry.
The English Muskteers that were deployed on their left flank are marching behind the cavalry to support the English centre. 
The Scots horse have gained a small advantage .
The English centre has held on as support arrives from both flanks.
The Scot's left has retreated into the woods.
The Scots cavalry have won 2 combats & lost 1 so are getting on top.
The Scots centre is crumbling under the English counterattack. 
The English have lost the cavalry fight & Scots cavalry & a second attack has taken the hill in their centre, but the Scot's have no foot left un-shaken as the English right rolls up their line.  The Scots concede & use their cavalry to cover their retreat. 

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