Thursday, July 28, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 28/07/05

Present: Jim, Mark I, Steve I, Barrie, Leigh, Peter, Marusz (workmate of Steve's)

El regima continued

On the German left, Steve's Panzers slowly destroyed the Oz a/tank guns then resumed their advance. The Oz infantry took out the armoured cars but 3 MkIIIs made it up the scarp and backed up by 2 infantry platoons destroyed the Bugs and had an open road to the Oz rear.

On the other flank, Barrie had given up in the centre and redirected his attack up the scarp on his far right. His MkIIIs & IIS had some losses, but made it up the scarp. With mortar support they picked off the artillery leaving the infantry pretty well defensless against the armour.

The Oz command conceded.

Next week:

I'll be at Fort Floriet on Tuesday.
Thursday as usual at Camp Cromwell. I'm going to break the big table up so we'll have 4 6x4 tables for pre-tournament practice.

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