Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fort Floreat 23/08/05

We tried out some new rules -- Kampfgruppe Commander. Very different from flames of war -- the turn is more of an interaction between sides. If the enemy moves in sight, you may roll to get opportunity fire. Each time you get opportunity fire, your chances of getting more opportunity fire decrease. In addition, units may move and fire multiple times if they have sufficient command points. We were reading the rules as we played -- I'm sure we got lots wrong, especially the morale. But we had fun with their intro scenario -- 12 x T 34, 2 x BA 64, 5 x inf vs 4 x Stug III, 2 x 222/1, 3 x inf. In the end the T34's triumphed, overwhelming the Stugs. Notable was the german armoured cars killing two t34s with side armour shots (before they were obliterated by the remaining t34s)

While the rules were fun they werent to my taste -- you had to use dice to mark unit status. I prefer to keep the table clean. Hopefully one day my terrain will be worthy of a clean table :)

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