Thursday, March 09, 2006

Camp Cromwell 09/03/06

Big Push on 6' wide x 8' deep table

Mark 1160 pts US Inf + Leigh 1500 pts US Mech
SteveJ 1310 pts Falshimjager + Jim 1345 pts Grenadiers
Scenario chosen by dice & table, coys cobbled together from what was available.
Barrie was present for a while. Apologies from Peter - absent due to an examination on sauces ?

The whole US army lined up against the Grenadier's side of the table. The Germans got a severe pounding in the Preliminary Bombardment but that bad luck was well compensated for by good reserve dice - 1 each on turn 4 & 1 each on turn 5. Steve made a token move towards the threatened flank, but desisted when he came under artillery & mortar fire. Instead he deployed his reserve Falshirmjager on the left to support Jim. The US infantry advanced slowly up to and through the first line of wire & up to the minefield while the German defenders lay doggo. Only when the GIs reached the minefield did the Huns pop up out of their trenches and start blasting away. Hot shooting from 2 HMG, a Pak36 & a mortar pinned both forward platoons. Pinned down, the GI's couldn't cross the minefield & the US lost through having no teams over the centreline by turn 7.
The US suffered for lack of experience with the scenario - which for the attacker is easy to stuff up if you don't do it just right. The Huns were grateful that the advance was too cautious & that the engineers were not pushed to the front.

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