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Area 52 Competition Week 1: 06/08/06

AREA 52 FOW TOURNAMENT 6-13 August 2006: Week 1 report

A disappointing sign up of just 6 players, made worse by Mark having to hold the fort in the shop & being forced to forfeit his matches in the first week. Nick Bowler was unavailable for week 1, but teamed up with Jim Gandy who is unavailable for week 2. On the plus side there were some apologies and a few interested spectators unable or not ready to take part this time.

Round 1: Encounter Scenario

Jim Gandy's US Armour v. Chris Raine's DAK Marschkompanie Coy
The first moves were rushed through as both sides waited for their reserves arrived before being prepared to attack. Both attacked on their left when they were ready. The German attack with infantry & Stugs supported by artillery and mortars was slowed down by accurate fire from the US SP artllery. The US attack by Stuarts and Shermans used the terrain to let them get in close to the 88s which were smothered before they could even fire. The combined attack on the objective by Shermans & Stuarts was irressisable. The DAK lost 1 Stug, their 88 platoon, 2 Infantry Platoons & a Pioneer Platoon. The US lost just 2 infantry teams in a 6:1 win.

Steve Jendrich's Grenadiers v. Steve Page's Strelkovy

The Russians advanced a tidal wave of infantry across the table under heavy fire. They got to the objectives, but were blasted back off them by German fire & counterattacks. The KVs were still advancing ponderously & might have clinched victory given time. But time ran out with heavy losses on both sides and the battle was adjudged to be a 3:3 tie.


Peter Moy (4 points).

Round 2: Breakthrough Scenario

Jim Gandy's US Armour attacking Steve Jendrich's Grenadiers.

The battle opened with the US Armour standing toe to toe with dug in & concealed Pak 40's. It took 4 turns of up to 30 dice a turn for the US to finally get the last one. Meanwhile the German 105s & Henschells were wearing the US down. By the time the Paks were finished off the US had lost 2 Priests, 2 Shermans & 3 Stuarts. But the US had stuck to their plan, the surviving Stuarts had broken off from the fire fight to join the GIs in their half tracks in a right hook towards the closest objective. The objective defended by the fire zones of AA guns & 88s. The GIs, still in their half tracks, plus the surviving US armour charged over the hill that had covered their aproach and took the objective. The Recon also still mounted came on from reserve to cover their right flank. The Germans hit them with 88s, AA & Henschells. The last Stuarts, Shermans & Priests died, as did a half track, but the SP guns passed their morale test still leaving the US with more than half their platoons on the table and inn possession of the objective. The US 5 Shermans, 5 Stuarts, 3 Priests & 1 half track . The Germans lost their Pak40 platoon & a few infantry teams. A close 4:3 victory to the US.

Peter Moy's US Infantry defending v. Chris Rain's DAK Marschkompanie

The DAL were severely constrained in their deployment by the terrain (crammed behind a big hill) and they suffered badly from the US artillery before they couild spread out. They finally did break out and when their reserves came on put some pressure on the objectives, but time ran out before they could take one, so under the Defender Wins Rule (which applies to this scenario), the US won. The US had lost a platoon. The DAK hadn't lost any platoons, but had much higher casualties than the US. A 5:2 victory to the US.


Steve Page (4 points).

Generalship Standings after Week 1

Jim/Nick (US Armour) 11
Peter Moy (US Infantry) 9
Steve Page (Strelkovy) 7
Steve Jendrich (Grenadiers) 6
Chris Raine (Dak Marschkompanie) 3

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