Friday, August 04, 2006

Fort Floriet 02/08/06

Six players in attendance. The draw was done for the Floreat Round Robin to be announced next week as 4 players still to publish lists.

Game 1: Continuation of last weeks game James Scott Brat Armour vs Rodney Dak PanzersThe Germans continued picking off the British Armour piece meal eventually forcing a Company morale check for the British which they auto failed with no Company Commander.

Game 2: Practice game Encounter Corinna Grenadiers 1600pts vs Matt Russian Infantry 1600ptsThe game was fought to an inconclusive draw as time got the better of people. The Germans were enjoying the long range sniping as the less experienced Russian player sat in defensive mode. The small Russian attack up the right was held off fairly easily.

Game 3: 1500pts Free for All Dak Armour Rodney vs Brat Light Armour Chris (rematch of game 1 same forces different players)Chris had more platoons so weighted the right flank to try and breakthrough to the right hand objective.British right flank 13 Crusader III's, centre 3 Grants left flank 3 Grants & 3 Crusader III's. Facing this forminable force. On the German left 4 Panzer III early & 3 Panzer III lates, centre 3 Marders, Right flank 2 Stug D's & 3 Panzer IV F1's with a Panzer III early.As always the germans were out numbered. The british engaged with 10 Crusaders on the right vs 7 Panzer III's. What was supposed to be an easy kill for the Britsh here turned out to be a disaster.The British lost 4 tanks (including the 2 IC) and only destroyed one Panzer III late.On the opposite flank the Germans advanced through scrub. The unlucky Panzer III bogged and stayed bogged for 4 turns it finally unbogged' but then immediately bogged again trying to get out needless to say it took no further part in the game.The Marders advanced into scrub and fired at long range killing a Grant. A bad start for the Poms.The British reinforced the right with the last 3 Crusaders which drew the Marders out to play.The marders got destroyed on the following turn and the Crusaders withdrew from the right under cover of a hill.The Germans advanced to a hull down position on their left killing another Crusader. This still left 8 Crusaders on the British right which returned fire killing all but 1 of the Panzers. The Germans advanced on their other flank losing the Stugs but killing a crusader platoon.The final Panzer III on the German left got popped and germans failed company morale.5-2 win to the British (even though they lost 10 tanks).

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