Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At Barrie's 14/10/07

With fresh copies of VB in hand we tried out the first two scenarios.

Whitman's Wild Ride:
Barrie's Tiger didn't quite get to end of the queue - the Honeys survived to Turn 10 to deny him victory & make it a draw (see pic).
Odd little scenario - not much to do except shoot & hope for hot dice - but probably a good one for beginners.

Point 213:
MarkO & Barrie's Tigers (2 each)
Jim's 4th CLY Armoured Squadron

The German's Tiger Ace Skill was 3 shots for both platoons. Both platoons came on on the same road (d4).
The Brits started in a pack with the Cmmd teams in the centre around the objective & the 3 Tank Platoons on the adjacent roads.
As the Tiger column came up the road, the Brits sent A Tank Platoon to the left & C Plat to the right as soon as they finished their tea. B Plat stayed in reserve continuing to drink tea. The Firefly of A Plat jumped out onto the road, missed it's shot at Mark's lead Tiger & was promptly destroyed. Mark then engaged the Cmmd tanks thru the hedgegrow. C Platoon engaged Barrie's Tigers. The Firefly got one before the platoon was destroyed (3 Croms killed & the FF failed morale). Mark's 2 Tigers + Barrie's one now finished off the cmmd tanks. While the Cromwells of A Plat manoeuvred around the Tiger's flank, B platoon finally finished their tea and engaged the Tigers front on. The FF got Barrie's second Tiger on it's first shot. Mark's 2 Tigers destroyed the Cromwells of B plat and bailed the FF. The FF survived the Platoon Morale test but remained bailed. As 3 Croms hammered away at the Tiger's sides without effect, Mark ignored them & had 6 more shots at the FF. He got just one lousy bail. It survived morale again, unbailed this time - and promptly popped both Tigers = 3 Tigers in 3 shots !
Sgt Johny Wilkinson & the rest of his crew have been nominated for medals & the model has had 3 rings painted on the barrel.
The scenario is an interesting change - nice to have 4 Tigers to shoot at ?

We didn't have smoke handy to mark the dead tanks, but all the tanks in the 3rd pic are dead except the 3 Croms of A Plat beyond the Tigers & Wilkinson's FF on the left.

Unfortunately, the FF used up all Jim's luck for the day - he copped a $80 fine + one demerit point for doing 80 in a 70 zone on the way home.

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