Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Isdonisgrad Campaign: Battle of Isdonosgrad

The Ivans (Nick & MarkO) have a Guard Strelkovy Coy & a Militia Coy deployed around Isdonisgrad with a Strelkovy Coy coming on as reinforcements on their right. The Axis (Jim as CIC) ) are attacking with Fucilieri (Barrie) & Grenadiers (SteveJ) with Panzers (Byron) coming on as reinforcements behind their right.

The battle opened with much digging in and an artillery duel. Gandini was rather miffed by lousy 8 Million Bayonets dice and finding his calculations on the artillery balance upset by the Ivans having an extra battery from an Assault Platoon. The Ivans managed to get dug in and on target first but did not capitalise on it. The first German reinforcement came on turn 3 & was a 105 battery. The Gods hit it immediately, but Byron saved both hits & also unpinned immediately. The Ities gave up on digging-in and joined in pounding back at the Gods. The 100's, 105's & Heavy Mortars took out 4 guns in a turn & suddenly the balance shifted a bit back to the Axis.

On turn 4 the Axis got no more reinforcements, but the Ivans got two Platoons. There wasn't enough troops at Camp Cromwell available so the battle was adjourned until next week when the Ivans will get their act together & bring some more.

At this stage the Axis have lost just 1 100mm gun while the ivans have lost 5 big guns, 4 a/tank (from the Itie 75's) & 2 Infantry. The Militia on the Bolshie left is looking a bit shaky, but on the other flank the Fucilieri are facing a wall of Bolshies & more coming. Next week it's going to get very intersting.

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Anonymous said...

the victoriuos german mortars have claimed 3 bolshivic guns