Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camp Cromwell Rules

Updated files:
The files of the Camp Cromwell Rules (downloadable from the sidebar on the right) have been updated.  The update includes the lastest revisions, making the format more consistent, plus the files have been combined into single pdfs for each set.  Superseded files have been removed.

Marathon to Marne: 
Play testing has been continuing, resulting in some tweeks.  These are mostly to the Spear & Sword era & as thats' what we have been playing.  The changes are listed after the cover sheet.  More playtesting & refinement in later periods is on the agenda for this year.

Men o'War: 
We recently got these out of mothballs.  Although we enjoyed the game & the rules worked fine, after a long break some new ideas popped up.  A couple of tweeks have been made, as well as making the formating consistent with the other sets.

We have also played these again after a long break.  We found no reason to change them other than to update the format.

Modder Fokkers:
Minor changes to format such as adding a contents table.

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