Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nick in Launceston

A crowded club meet, with board games, 40K, warhammer fantasy, etc. Two historical games -- both FOW. Nick B vs Nick R -- SS Panzers vs US paratroops. The Panzers lived in fear of the paratroops bazookas. Eventually they managed to pin the paratroops and went in to assault. They won, but not by enough to push the paratroops of the objective. We called time, but the Panzers were on a downward spiral.

There was another game with Starn and Aggro. Starn won when Aggro failed to dig in on the objective when playing a breakthrough, and Starn's T-34 horde with tankodesantniki came on machine gunned him in to oblivion.

The were rumors of playing napoleonics -- something may happen soon!

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