Monday, April 25, 2022

Anzac Day battle: Australians v. Italians in the desert

The Italians have Fucilieri dug around the oasis with an artillery battery in support & 2 paltoons of tanks & 2 platoons of Bersaliagieri in reserve.  The Australians have 3 infantry plattons, 2 platoons of Matildas, 2 batteries of 25 pdrs & 2 bugs.  (Once again the 3D printer came in handy to add another 3 Matildas).

The pics are taken from behind the Oz line.
The Australian infantry have deployed to attack the oasis head on with artillery & armour support on their left.  On the left 2 bugs are making a strike at the Italian artillery but Carri platoon has come on the Italian left & intercepted them.
The diggers are advancing on the oasis as the armour enages on their left.

The diggers have over-run the defenders of the oasis.   A second Carri platoon came on behind the artillery as the tanks slug it out.  4 Matildas are knocked out, but the 25 pdrs help the Matildas take out all the Carri.  Bersaligieri have come on eitehr side of the oasis, but hot shooting by the Oz artillery & the right flank infantry have decimated them before they could mount a counterattack.
While both Matilda platoons have lost too many casulties to remain effective, the Italians have lost more than half their platoons & fail army morale. 

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