Tuesday, June 14, 2022

30 Years War: Swedes v. the Empire

Swedes: 6 pike & shot, 2 musketeers, 8 heavy cavalry, 2 guns. 
               All veteran & superior command.  The pike & shot units had more pikes than the Swedes.
Empire: 6 pike & shot, 2 2 handed swords, 4 heavy & 4 medium cavalry & 4 guns.
               All regular with regular command.
Figures: 28mm.  Rules: House rules M2M.

The Swedes are on the far side commanded by Mike. 
Steve is CIC for the Empire with Jim left flank commander.
On the far flank the Swedes are advancing infantry thru the farm & cavalry around the flank. The Empire have deployed cavalry & swordsman to face them. In the centre the Swedes are advancing while the Empire stands back behind the ridge.  On the left the Empire is looping their cavalry out to the left while advancing their infantry thru the gap in the Swedish line.
On the right the Swedes have moved around & thru the farm to face the Empire's flank guard.  In the centre the Swedes have moved to the top of the ridge to initiate a fire-fight. On theleft the Empire's cavalry are pinning the Swedish cavalry as their infantry outflanks the Swedish foot.
On the right the infantry are engaged HTH.  A fire fight continues in the centre.  Left of centre the Empire's foot is lapping around the Swedish infantry's flank & has also flanked the Swedish cavalry.
On the far flank a furious but as yet indecisive fight is raging.  Inf v. inf & cav v. cav.  In the centre the Empire has charged up the hill & broken the Swedish front line, but with such high casualties that they don't dare charge on against the second line of fresh troops.  Left of centre the Empire is wrapped around the Swedish flank, but is still losing casulties to Swedish veteran's superior firepaower.   On the left the cavalry fight is still in the balance. 
On the far flank the Swedish foot is getting the upper hand.  Along the ridge line the superior Swedish fire is weakening the Empire's tecios, but on this end of the ridge the overlap is threatening their position.  On the left flank the assistance of a tercio has allowed the Empire cavalry to get the upper hand. 
On the far flank the Empire infantry has been destroyed, but their cavalry has fought their opponents to a draw & fallen back.  On the ridge, the Empire's tercios have been broken by Swedish musket fire.  But the Empire infantry has charged the flank & broken the end of the Swedish line, reducing their cntre infantry divsion below half so it fails division morale & breaks. The Swedish left flank cavalry has also broken.  

The Empire has won a bloody fight.  The Swedish musketeers almost saved the day, but the penetration of the gap in the Swedish line allowing flanking of both Swedish infantry & cavalry was in the end decisive.  



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