Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Mech war in the desert

Mike's Brits v. Jim's Italians.
15mm figs.  Mech war house rules.There are 5 objectives along the table centreline. Deployment was BA style drawing coloured dice for the order of placing platoons with 18" of own baseline.  The Italians are on the near side of the table.The Italian artillery are laying smoke in front of the 25pdrs behind the Brit centre.  The Italian infantry is advancing on the village with L6 light tanks on their right flank. M14's on their left.  Another M14 palatoon is advancing along the ridge in the centre.
The Brits are moving their bugs away from the L6's & advancing infantry with Matilda support in the centre.  A trucked platoon is advancing in the centre with Matildas. They also have a 24pdr battery on the far flank which is limbering up.On the far flank the 25pdrs are under tow & advancing down the road.  On the central ridge 3 Matildas are being rushed by 5 M14's.  In the centre, 5M14's are engaging 2 Matildas at close range thru the palm trees.  On the right, the L6's are ignoring the Matilda that turned to deal with them & is pursuing the bugs into the palm trees. On the left, the 25pdrs have deployed & destroyed most of the Italian artillery, who had bravely ignored their fire to continue laying smoke to protect their armour from the other 25 pdr battery.
On the ridge, the M14's destroyed the Matildas & swept around the smoke to decimate the other 25pdr battery.  The trucked infantry platoon has driven away.
In the centre, the M14's took out 2 Matildas.  British infnatry tried to counterattack the M14, but were mown down by defensive MG fire.  The M14's then finished off the last Matilda & wiped out the 2nd british infantry platoon with MG fire.
On the right, the bugs blasted the Bergaglieri out of the way to escape the L6's. 

At this stage the Brits have lost 4 of their 8 platoons & hold just one of the objectives to the Italian's four & have no tanks left.   The Brits conceded the battle.

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