Tuesday, November 22, 2022

30 Years War: The Empire v. the Swedes

Empire: Chris, Mike, Mitch & Renfrey.
Swedes: Mark, Jim & SteveJ
28mm figs, house rules.

The Swedes are on the right with musketeers in the farm on the near flank, Cavalry in the centre & pike & shot on the far flank.
The Empire has all their cavalry on the far flank, heavy infantry Lanschnecks in the centre & medium pike & shot on the near flank.
Initally the Empire advances their left & centre.  The Swedes advance part fo their cavalry on their left.
On the far flank the Swedish infnatry have advanced & ben charged by Empire horse.  Some of the Empire's horse have crossed the river on a flanking manoeuvre.  
In the centre the Lanschnecks have deployed on the reverse slope of the ridge.
On the near flank the Swedish muskteers have formed column & are msrching towards the centre behind the cavalry.  Part of teh Sedish cavalry have been detached to support the far flank.
On the near flank some of the Swedish cavalry have charged the advancing pike & shot.
On the far flank the Empire cavalry are making bo progress against the swedish pike & shot.
On the near flank the Swedish cavalry have fallen back.
In the centre the Swedish musketeers have deployed .
On the far flank the Empire cavalry have fallen back. 
The Lanschnecks are advancing on the  weak Swedish centre as the Swedes move infnatry from the right & cavalry from the left to strengthen it.
On the near flank, the Swedish cavalry continue to fall back from the Empire's pike & shot.
In the centre the Lanschnecks charged up the hill, the Swedish gunners ran away, the Swedish cavlry countercharged the pike & shot while they were disordered, broke them & charged on to take out the Empire]s guns on the other ridge.
The Swedish cavalry continue their retreat on the near flank.
In their centre the Swedes are cobbling togther a defensive line on the ridge.
The far flank is a stalemate with pike & shot v cavalry. 
The Swedes have consolidated into a defensive line.  Most of the front is cavalry v. pike & shot.  Casualties are about equal with neither left with enough fresh units to mount a serious attack.  Dusk is approaching (the kettle's on), so both sides agreed it was a draw.

The intial deployment with cavalry facing pike & shot on opposite flanks made an interesting conundrum for both sides.  The Empire nearly broke thru the Swedes' centre but the Swedes had a cavalry reserve blessed with good dice that saved the day there. 



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