Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Wars of the Roses again

We added a lot more terrain to one end of the table this week. 
We divided the same troops we used last week into 6 battles of varying composition & randomly allocated the battles to the 6 players.  We then randomly located the battles on the table.

The Yorks are on this side of the table, Jim in the near corner, Mitch in the centre of the table & Mike on the right.
The Lancs on the far side of the table have Mark on the right, Steve in their centre & Chris is the far corner of the table.

At this end Jim is advancing while Mark is redeploying back into the woods & line of trees.
In the centre Mitch is reluctant to advance across the river against a bigger battle & is being peppered by more numerous bow fire.
On the far flank both sides are trying to advance on each other, but are still way apart.

The near flank is a stalemate as Jim is reluctant to attack Mark's infantry deployed in the trees & Mark won't come out of the woods in the face of superior cavalry.
In the centre Steve's bowmen supported by Chris cavalry is destroying Mitch's foot while the terrain constrains Mitch's cavalry.
On the far flank Mike has an advantage in numbers as Chris' cavalry is supporting Steve. 
Mitch's foot has been destroyed & Steve is now attacking the junction between Jim's foot & Mitch's cavalry.
On the far flank Mike is getting on top. 
On the far flank Chris' foot has been destroyed. 
In the centre Mitch's cavalry is just holding on, his battle on half strength.
Jim has lost some foot but his line still holds.
On the far flank Mike is moving his victorious troops left to support his comrades.
In the centre, half of Mitch's cavalry has counterattacked across the creek & broken Chris' last remaining cavalry while his other 2 cavalry units have fallen back into the wood to avoid bow fire. 
On the near flank Mark has gone on the offensive now Jim has had to send troops to assist Mitch against Steve.
When night fell the position was:
Jim's battle was still holding off Mark's attack.
Mitch & Steve's battles are still fighting, but both are verging on breaking.
Chris' battle has been destroyed.
Mike's battle is in good shape.
The Lancs have lost 6 more units than the Yorks, but their army is not broken, making it a minor win for York.


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