Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Wars of the Roses

York: SteveJ (left flank inf), Mark (centre inf), Jim (right flank cav).
Lancs: Chris (right flank inf), Mitch (centre with cav), Mike (left flank inf).

The Yorks are on the near side of the table.
The Lancs are advancing with their right flank foot & cavalry in the centre.
The Yorks are moving some foot towards the farm on their left & advancing their cavalry on their right.
On the far flank the Lancs are forming up to attack the farm.
In the centre the Lancs cavalry have charged into the York foot.
On the near flank the Yorks cavalry have wheeled left to support their foot.  
On the far flank Yorks inf are holding the farm against 2 to 1 odds. 
In the centre the first wave of Lancs cav was beaten off, but the second wave has broken through the first line of inf. The Lancs Sergeants protecting the flank of the main cavalry attack have been swept away by Yorks knights. 
On the near flank the rear of the York cavalry are suffering from accurate bow fire.
On the far flank the Yorks are giving ground in the farm but reinforcements are on the way.
In the centre the Yorks cavalry arrived in the rear of the Lancs cav before they broke the infantry & have about faced.
On the right the Lancs infantry have been left without easy targets.
On the far flank the Yorks in the farm have been supported by infantry & cavalry & the Lancs are about to break.
On the near flank, the Lancs have fallen back as the Yorks redeply infantry & cavalry to face 
The Lancs on the far flank are broken.
The Lancs battle on their left has not last a casualty & withdraw in good order.
The Yorks have won.

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