Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wars of the Roses again

We had 6 players each with their own battle to command deployed at random & with side determined at random. Jim, Mark & Steve for York. Mitch, Mike & Chris for Lancaster.

Both sides overlapped the enemy's left. The Lancs are on the left/far side of the table, from the left: Lords Mitch, Mike & Chris. From the left, the Yorks are Lords Jim, Mark & Steve.
On the left Mitch has engaged Jim's defensive position on the ridge.
In the centre Mike is advancing to support Mitch's attack on Jim, while mark has sent his infnatry to support Jim & his cavalry to support Steve.
On the right Chris is setting up to defend himself from Steve + Mark's cavalry, but also sent doem of his cavalry to assist Mike.
On the left Jim is holding off Mitch's attack.
On the right Chris is in trouble against superior numbers.
On the left Jim had got the upper hand but was then stymied by a dice led recovery & his battle has broken.  On the right Chris's battle has been broken. The centre battles have only just got engaged.
Steve's battle & Mark's cavalry are moving to support Mark in the centre.  Mitch's surviving cavalry are moving to attack Mark's left flank. 
The battle should have been decided at this point.  Mark's white knights on the left have 11 dice to 6 against Mike's men at arms covering his left flank.    But Mark got just one 4+ to Mike's 5 & the cavalry broke instead!  A win by the knights would have swept down the flank of Mike's battle, but instead the  loss put Mark's battle below half strength & shaken. 
Steve's battle remained in good shape to continue the attack, but Mark pulled his shaken infantry back into the wood so it wouldn't get ridden down my Mitch's cavalry & in so doing exposed Steve's cavalry to a  flank attack. 
Despite that loss, Steve still had enough troops to pull off a win, but nightfall ended proceedings before a decisive result was reached & the Lancs got away with a draw.


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