Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Wars of the Roses

Both sides had two battles which started the battle in randomly located deployment zones.

We only had three players & drew lots for commands.  Steve as the Lancastrian had two battles at opposite ends of the table.  Mike 's battle is the one in the middle on the far side.  Jim's is in the foreground. 
Steve's two battles both move on Mike's battle.  Jim's foot is moving his foot to distract Steve's right & his horse to distract Steve's left. 
Mike has a narrow front between the table edge & the creek to defend in each direction. 
Steve's right flank infantry defend the river line & both sides settle down to exchanging arrows on that front. 
A good run of dice has helped Steve getting the better of the fight on Mike's right, but on th other flank Mike has used the wood to good effect to hold his own.  
On the far flank Steve had advanced his foot forcing Jim's cavalry to face it rather than assist Mike. 
Steve continues advancing on Mike's right.  Jim sends his knights across the river to assist.  This leaves only his light cavalry to face the foot.
Another run of good dice has allowed Steve to break thru Mike's right & into the flank & rear of his left & Mike's battel is broken.
Jim's foot is getting the upper hand on the left, but his horse is shot to pieces & he has no alternative but to withdraw. 



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Gonsalvo said...

Nice looking troops!