Saturday, November 11, 2006

Camp Cromwell 10/11/06

Maharajah 2006 Semi Final 1

SteveP's Strelkovy v. Nick's Panzers...Cauldron Scenario, Panzers attacking.
Jim, SteveJ & MarkW umpiring.
Nick's Panzers engaged the GOWs & vice versa while waiting for reinforcements. Both sides' reinforcements were slow in coming - Nick didn't get his last two until T6, but Steve didn't get his first one until T7. The GOWs lost the fight with the Panzers - just 2 MkIIs died while the GOWs were annihilated. The Ivans made a desperate pre-emptive strike at the Tiger, but with the support of the adjacent Kamffegroup it was stopped in its tracks. Now out of their trenches, the Strelkovy looked to be at the mercy of the machine gun fire of the massed Panzers, but finally the Russian reserves were coming on & some of the Panzers were distracted dealing with the SUs. As always the big Strelkovy took a long time to die and continued to dispute the objective buying time. The KVs had been held back behind the hill to keep them safe from the Tiger, but now they were desperately needed and had to come out and play - but the 105s got one & the others failed to do any damage. The Sturmos came often, but achieved nothing except a MkII & that too late to make any difference. Finally there were too many Panzers on the objective, the 1st Strelkovy ran out of bodies and the next one still wasn't close enough. Well done Nick.

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