Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fort Floriet 14/11/06

Doug brought along a new player who was Dougs sub commander. Free for All 1500pts per side. Aggro's Grenadiers vs Doug's Free French Midwar Infantry. The Germans deployed 105's, Marder II's 1st Grenadiers on left objective and 88's 2nd Grenadier right objective. The Frogs had AT guns both flanks, M 10's either flank (2 jeeps), 105's centrally placed, mortars and infantry right flank, and large and small infantry left flank. Both sides had air but the 88's kept the French Air from doing Damage. The German air had no AA to deal with so managed to kill 5 infantry stands and an artillery piece over the course of the game.

Turn 1: Germans dug in all but their 105's. The French did similar.

Turn 2: The French advanced their infantry on the German right and attacked through a town 2 turns later to defeat a grenadier platoon but got severely mauled in the process. the Marders swung to defend the right but 1 was killed by artillery fire.

Turn 5: The French M 10's popped out of ambush killing an infantry platoon.

Turn 6: The 88's were on a killing spree on the enemy artillery. The French artillery was eventually cut down to a half strength battery.

Turn 7: The M 10's assaulted the grenadiers which failed Morale and we ran out of time.Technically a draw but the Frogs had been the most aggreessive and had killed a platoon, but had 1 platoon close to doing a morale check & artillery was now almost useless. A nice set of flank attacks by Doug the M10's were unlucky not to get a 105mm gun.

Some interesting rules cropped up that we hadnt been that familiar with:
  1. Self defence AAMGs only 1 shot each
  2. Aircraft firing at double moving vehicles only normal shooting?
  3. Double moving vehicles no self defence AA (common sense rule).
  4. M 10's shot at by small arms in defensive fire but cant be hurt so no armour save neccessary?
  5. HMG's only 180 degree facing as they are gun teams

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