Friday, November 17, 2006

Camp Cromwell 16/11/2006

Mahrajah 2006 Semi Final 2

SteveJ's Grenadiers v. MarkO's US Inf.
2000 pts Breakthough, US attacking, Tunisia terrain.
MarkW, Jim & Nick officiating.

Mark put 2 infantry platoons & his Shermans in reserve. The first 5 turns passed slowly as Mark tried to soften up the Germans with his masses of artillery (2 105 batteries + chem mortars) and an attack on Steve's forlorn hope of Grenadiers. But the Germans too had plenty of artillery and honours were about even in this phase. Furious dogfights raged overhead as both side's air was intercepted more often than not (and when it wasn't intercepted neither side's planes did a damned thing on the ground).

On turn 6 all the US reserves were brought on at once near the corner objective. A US victory looked a formality as 2 infantry platoons & the Shermans came on next to one objective and the Honeys threatened the other. But perhaps the Pale Ale was taking it's toll as the US attack lost focus. The Germans held on with single teams disputing the objectives while their Pak40s, mortars & HMGs set about clearing the GIs off. The US platoons melted away and at 12.30 with just one charmed Sherman left near the objectives, Mark conceded.


Anonymous said...

no ,infact the US of A lost over half their platoons
3 infantry
1 hmg
m3a1s+most of the M4a1s except for one

Anonymous said...

Oakie only had 2 stubies of pale ale,one he didnt finish so we cant blame the beer

Anonymous said...

Well that's the answer then, Oakie lost because he DIDN'T have enough pale ale in his system!

Anonymous said...

or boags