Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Camp Cromwell 13/05/08

Outreemer campaign battle

Nick, Cameron & Jim are involved in a crusader campaign run by one of Nick's old mates in Washington DC. Jim is the Sejick Sultan & his army of horse archers had intercepted a Byzantine army of spearmen which were attempting to take his city of Nicopolis. Nick took the part of the Byzantines. The rules used were as dictated by the campaign - "Lances & Dice".

As instructed by the real Byzantine, Nick lined up his spearmen in a shield wall of 25 coys stretching across the table. The Turks grouped their much smaller army into 5 large coys. The Turks advanced to the Byzantine centre and commenced showering them with arrows without much success. The Sultan then figured that the presence of the enemy leader was having a significant effect and that the troops outside command range of the leader would be much easier pickings. So the Turkish swarm moved left and attacked the Byzantine right. Soon gaps started to apear in the Byzantine line. Nick tried to withdraw, but it was too late, the Byzantine right wing was penetrated, surrounded and mown down.

The campaign pursuit rules then kicked in. Because the Seljick army was all cavalry and the Byzantines had none, the remainder of their army was destroyed in the pursuit. It seems that in these rules infantry armies armies with no cavalry support are so much dead meat.
Pic 1 is the start of the battle.
In Pic 2 cracks are forming in the Byzantine line.
Pic 3 is near the end - the line is broken.

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