Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FFA on the Russian Front

Steve's Russian Tankovy
Jim's  Panzergrenadiers
1750 pts

Pics taken behind German right.

On their right the Russians advanced with T34/76's and IS2's.  On the Left, the Strelk dug in.  The T34/85's in the centre took on the Marders in the village.

The Stugs popped out on the left of the woods & took on the T34's as Panzergrenadiers advanced through the woods.  The T34's died & the Germans then advanced on the IS2's with infantry, Stugs & Marders.  The IS2's retreated behind the ridge & back onto the objective. 

Meanwhile the T34/85's had advanced on the other flank. Too late the Germans realised that they had overcommitted on the left.  The Panzergrenadiers & Werfers couldn't stop the T34's over-running that objective.

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