Friday, March 18, 2011

Fog in Launceston

A quick game of Field of Glory (FOG), using the Roman and Carthaginian starter armies in the book.  Dennis was carthaginian, Nick was Roman.

Dennis did an 'unusual' deployment for the Carthaginians, with two lines of infantry -- African infantry and Spanish in the front, with Hannibal, more Aficans, and Gauls in a second row.  Cavalry were on the carthaginan right flank, and skirmishers everywhere!

The Romans waded in with ferocity.  The first row of Spaniards evaporated like they werent there.  But the Gauls behind were tougher, sitting stoically and refusing to budge.  Hannibal helped the Gauls pass any cohesion tests, and in fact helped them recover if they failed a test as well.  Meanwhile, the Gauls were slowly eating through the Romans due to some unlucky death rolls.  The Africans were similarly tough.

The Carthaginian cavalry had some trouble with the Roman cavalry, but eventually prevailed.  The Roman camp was in trouble, and when the Carthaginian elephants got into the flank of the Triarii it was all over!

The Romans went for a break through the center attack, and it almost worked -- but Hannibal was the man of the match, keeping his center fighting while his left hook hit home!

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