Thursday, December 06, 2018

ACW: Hail Mr Lincoln rules

Both sides had 3 infantry brigades of 4 regiments & a gun & 1 cavalry brigade of 4 regiments.  Cards were used to provide a random start location for 1 brigade & random arrival points for the others (somewhere on their rear table edge or 1/3 of the way down each side edge).  The reinforcements arrived FOW style on a throw of 5 with 1 dice turn 1, 2 on turn 2, etc.   Each side knew at the start where their own reserves were coming from, but not where the enemy's are coming from.

Chris commanded the Rebs & Renfrey the Union.
The Rebs are on the right in the pics.  Both sides started with their cavalry on the table just this side of centre.  The Union dismounted on the wooded ridge. The Rebs moved to the left & seized the house on their left.
By turn 3, the Union had all 3 infantry brigades coming on, one on each flank & 1 in the cntre.  The Rebs still only have 1 infantry brigade coming on, behind their centre.
The Reb rerves came eventually & mirrored the Union.
On the near flank the Union have attacked though the farm yard driving the Reb cavalry out of the house.  The Rebs have counterattacked the Union Zouaves in the farmyard.
In the centre both sides are still  deploying.
On the far side, the Rebs made up for late arrival by good command dice & charged home on the Union brigade while it was still in column of march.
On the near flank the Reb counterattack has been beaten off.
In the centre they are still deploying.
On the far flank the Union brigade is in deep doo doo, but still hanging on.
On the near flank the Rebs pulled back to the woods to regroup but the Union declined to follow up.
On the far flank, the Union brigade has broken & the 2 Reb regiments still in good shape are advancing on the Union centre's flank.
In the centre the Union have launched a desperate attack with infantry & dismounted cavalry to try & pull off a win before they were outflanked.  But the Rebs had pulled back to the orchard line & held them off.

At this stage the Union decided that their position was hopeless & conceded the battle.

The Rebs were certainly lucky with a critical command roll on the far flank, but the Union were also lucky in getting their reserves on faster.  The Rebs made the best of their luck on the far flank while the Union didn't exploit their advantage on the near flank.  The Reb's timely change from attack to defence in the centre in anticipation of an Union attack before they could be flanked was the winning move.

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