Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Klyastitzy 1 August 1812

Oudinot's II Corps was covering the left flank of le Grande Armie on its way to Moscow when it ran into Wittgenstein's much Larger I Corps. 
Terrain & set up from Age of Eagle's scenario.  OOBs from Digby Smith. 28mm figs. M2M rules.
French: Mike, SteveJ & Jim.
Russians: Mark & Mitch.

At the start the Russians have 1 division deployed around Okhova village.  Another infantry division & a brigade of dragoons will begin to arrive at the far table edge on turn 1.
The French have 2 infantry divisions near & behind Jakobovo village.  A small cavalry brigade is off shot to their rear.
The French immediately advance to attack.
French columns have charge home to the right of the village.  Their cavalry is coming up in support.  The Russian reinforcements are beginning to deploy.
The French attack on the right of the village has broken the Russian infantry, but has suffered high casualties & is now faced with the Russian cavalry.
The French have also charged home on the left of the village.
On the right, one French square has covered the retreat of the rest of the brigade & has been given a whiff of grapeshot by Russian horse artillery & charged by infantry.
On the left, the victorious French columns charged on but ran into a brick wall of Pavlovski Grenadiers & were broken, ending French hopes of a win. 
The French always luck to succeed in their attack.  They didn't get any & are now trying to withdraw.  Their hussars have deployed cover the withdrawal.
Russian dragoons have charged the 1st hussars as the Russians work on getting a general pursuit moving.
The 1st hussars could only briefly delay the Russian advance.  
The French have a river in the their rear.  The infantry on the left found a ford, but those on the right did not. This has caused a traffic jam on the bridge.
The hussars were broken by the dragoons & the horse gun cut off from the bridge.  With the loss of the hussars, the French fail army morale.  So a Russian victory as historical. 

It was an interesting exercise to fight a battle where the odds were heavily in favour of one side, not something wargamers often do.

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