Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Part of Friedland 1807

Scenario based on the French right at Friedland. 
I reduced the French infantry a bit to make it a closer game.
28mm figs, M2M rules.
French: Infantry Mike, cavalry Jim.
Russians: Mark

The French infantry are advancing in 3 columns along roads in the woods.
French light cavalry are in the foreground.
The Russians have yegers deployed in a line inside the woods, infantry & heavy cavalry in the open between the woods & the river, light cavalry  on the near flank.  They also have 2 batteries across the river.
On the near flank the French light cavalry have attacked with mixed success, but a French dragoon brigade has come up in support.  Russian cuirassiers have also advanced in support of their hussars.
In the woods the French are deploying to engage the yegers.

The French dragoons arrived first & turned the tide in the cavalry fight.  The Russian cavalry have withdrawn across the creek.
In the woods the yegers are slowly giving ground.
The French brought up a battery thru the wood & a horse battery to engage the Russian battery, but lost the artillery duel.  The dragoons are declining to run the gauntlet of artillery only to face Russian cuirassiers.
In the woods the French have cleared most of the yegers & are deploying on the edge of the wood.
The French have advanced out of the woods & beaten off a cavalry counterattack.
Command problems in the wood have made it difficult for the French to coordinate their attacks & the Russians are still holding their line.
The nearest nearest French brigade has finally got into position to attack, but the Russian guards have held firm until nightfall was declared.   
This is pretty much what happened historically.  But although Ney didn't break thru on this flank, the Russians here couldn't cross the river & were cut off from retreat to the right so captured.  

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