Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ostrolenka 16 Feb 1807

A minor battle in Poland after Eylau.  Details of the action are sketchy.  I used the map from the Age of eagles scenario, the OOB from Digby Smith, a few snippets of historical description & a bit of imagination to make the scenario.
The French start with an infantry division of 3 line, 1 light & 1 battery in the town.
The Russians start with an infantry division of  5 line, 1 yeger & 2 batteries plus a cavalry division of 2 dragoons, a hussar, a cossack & a  horse battery.  They have orders to take the town.
The French have another similar infantry division coming up on the road behind the town & a cavalry division of 2 dragoons, 1 hussar, 1 chasseaur & a horse battery coming on on their left on the other side of the river.
The Russians have another infantry brigade of 1 grenadier, 1 yeger, 2 line & a battery down the road thru the woods on the French right. 
All the reinforcements arrive on turn 6.  The French don't know where the Russians reinforcemesst are coming on.
The river is crossable only by infantry.

The Russians infantry advance on the town as their cavalry move to cover their right flank.
The French have abandoned the house on this side of the river.  The Russians have charged in column on the left.  On the right a column was blown away by artillery & the Russians formed line & deployed artillery to blast the French across the river.  Their cavalry is prepared to meet the French expected on the right flank.
On the right the French cavalry have arrived & immediately charged by the Russian horse.
On the right of the town the French infantry have been broken by fire & the yegers have crossed the river.  The French infantry reinforcements have arrived behind the town.
On the left, the Russian column attack lucked out & has been destroyed.
The Russian reinforcements have arrived  behind the French right, but they have been able to turn their victorious troops to face them.
On the right of the village, a charge on the house lucked out & the yegers were left unsupported.  Faced with fresh troops they withdrew across the river.  But after a tough see-sawing fight, the French dragoons beat the Russian dragoons & rode down the retreating yegers.  The Russian light cavalry did better & are still fighting, are now isolated & look doomed. 
On the far flank the Russians column has deployed with grenadiers & yegers advancing in line supported by line infantry in column.
The grenadiers broke the legere on the near end of the French line, but the yegers have been shaken by French fire.  Next turn the yegers are charged & are broken.  The rest of the Russian army is already broken & being pursued off the field by cavalry, so the Russians order a retreat back into the forest.

Given the troop grades used, maybe the Russians should have had another couple of infantry units at the start.   But on the other hand, the French mounted a sound defense, & the Russians got no help from the dice.    

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Gonsalvo said...

A very nice size scenario, especially for 2 players.