Wednesday, January 31, 2024

New Model Army v. Scots Round 3

 To provide a 5 player game, the Scots were divided into 3 divisions, the English into 2 divisions.  The divisions were allotted to the players by lot & each division's starting locations was determined by lot. 

Mitch's English started at the near left corner, Steve's English centre right.
Jim's Scots near right, Mark's Scots far right & Chris' Scots far left. 
Mitch has moved quickly to send a cavalry brigade to the centre, while the rest of his force of cavalry & & musketeers move on Jim's highlanders.
Steve has formed hedgehogs to face Mark's cavalry with one regiment facing Jim's highlanders.
Mark's Scottish cavalry have deployed on the plateau & Chris is moving his pike & shot towards the centre as fast as he can towards the centre. 
Jim's highlanders are in big trouble as most of Mitch's division & par to Steve's converge on them.
Mitch's cavalry inn the centre have charged up the hill to keep Mark busy.
Chris' pike & shot's advance is hindered by the terrain.
Jim's highlanders are being destroyed by superior numbers.
The cavalry melee on the plateau continues.
Chris's pike & shot  is still marching towards the action.
Jim's division has been reduced to 2 shaken units. 
One English musketeers unit has been left to finish them off while the rest of the English are redeploying to face the other two Scottish divisions.
Mitch's cavalry attack on Marks' cavalry has been beaten off with heavy loss, but has achieved it's objective of keeping Mark's division busy while the highlanders are destroyed.
Chris' pike & shot have finally got into action against Steve's.
Mark is moving his cavalry around the rear of Chris' division to cover it's right flank against Mitch's division.
The English have formed a good defensive line against the Scot's counterattack.
The Scot's counterattack attack was disjointed & has failed to break the English line as the Scot's casualties mounted until they failed their army morale test. 

The random deployment system usually produces interesting scenarios.  The English used their superior command well to control the action, delaying most of the Scots until the highlanders were destroyed, then forming a sound defense against the belated Scot's counterattack. 

Our series of 3 actions have pitted a small high quality army against a larger regular force.  Eight players have been involved with 2 or 3 a side, often swapping sides.  The points system has the armies about equal points.  The English have won all three, but in each case have also had the better battle plan, so the points system seems pretty good.


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