Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Six player Bolt Action

There were three players a side, each with 1000 pts.   
Germans: Jim (right flank), SteveJ centre, Chris (left flank).
US: Renfrey (right flank), Mark(centre). Brits: Mike (left flank). 
The table is 10'x6'.
There were 6 objectives: The corners of the two plateaus, the three houses & the bridge.
Each player had his own coloured command dice in the bag.  We minimised the no. of command dice by not having a dice for transports (they moved with their passenger's command dice) & maximising armour.  Even so there were a lot of command dice in the bag, but we kept the game moving by drawing multiple dice until one was drawn opposite a player who still hadn't completed his move.  

While the three platoons on each side mostly faced off one on one v. their opposite number, there was a lot of crossover as players supported their adjacent comrades.
The Germans plan was for their centre platoon to attack the central house & bridge with the German right sending some infantry support while digging in to defend the objective on the plateau.
The Allied plan was to dispute the centre & take out the German right using their considerable superiority in armour.
The US also attacked on the far flank, but the Germans there had good defensive terrain & the attack ended in a stalemate.
On the near flank, the Germans just managed to delay the enemy attack & hold on to the objective until time was up.
The decisive action was in the centre, where the Allied attack was crippled by Steve's Neblewerfer taking out two infantry units in one strike, allowing him to take the bridge objective as well as hold the house.

The casualties were almost equal, but the Germans won with four objectives to two. 

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