Wednesday, February 21, 2024

6 player Napoleonic

Each player was allocated a small all arms corps with their deployment area determined at random.  The random deployment as usual produced a interesting challenges for the players.

Mitch's Austrians are in the far LH corner.
Mark's French are in the far RH corner.
Chris's French are centre left.
Steve's French are centre right.
Mike's Austrians are in the near LH corner.
Renfrey's Austrians are in the near RH corner.
On the near right Renfrey is attacking Steve's French.
On the left, both Mitch & Mike are advancing on Chris' isolated French corps.
At the far end, Mark's French are chasing Mitch's Austrians.
Renfrey's attack on the near right is running out of steam against a sound defense.
Left of centre, Chris's corps is in deep dodo, under attack from two sides.
Mark's corps is being delayed in its pursuit of Mitch by the terrain. 
Chris' infantry ahs been destroyed & captured.  Only his cavalry has escaped & that is shaken, unfit for further service.
Renfrey has withdrawn from his attack on Steve's corps with serious casualties, but he has well served d the Austrian cause by preventing Steve supporting Chris.
Mitch & Mike have had time to reorganised their corps to face Mark, but nightfall has put an end to proceedings.

The losses are almost even, 7 French to 8 Austrian units broken.  The French have gained ground, but have also lost a whole infantry division.  So the papers in both Paris & Vienna will be claiming victory,

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