Friday, February 23, 2024

Napoleonic might have been scenario

PeterC put on a Napoleonic scenario at Black Hills for Jim & Chris.  The scenario was based on the what-if Grouchy had intercepted Blucher on the way to Waterloo.
Rules: Camp Cromwell''s M2M.
Figures: Peter's 15mm.

The French (Jim) started with 3 Corps on the field. 
The Prussians (Chris) Start with 1 corps on the field with 3 more coming on different roads at different times.
The victory conditions were that the Prussians won if they could get 2 corps past the French off the near edge of the table.  The French won if they failed to do so.

The 1st Prussian corps started right of screen facing the 1st French.  The 2nd French started behind the 1st & is moving to extend their left to meet expected Prussian reinforcements..  The 3rd French is on the left off shot facing the direction more Prussians are expected to come from.
The battle commenced with an artillery duel between the infantry lines & a cavalry fight on the near flank.
On the right the French won the cavalry duel with significant losses while the artillery duel between the two 1st corps  continued.
The 2nd Prussian corps has come on at the top RH corner & is being counterattacked by the French 2nd.
The 3rd Prussian corps has come on top left.  The 3rd French waits for them.  The French reserve cavalry on the right is moving to support 3rd corps.
On the right the French counterattacks have broken the 1st Prussians & shaken the 2nd.
In the centre the French reserve cavalry have broken the Prussian cavalry but rallied back away from the massed Prussian battery deployed on the left flank of their 3rd corps.
On the left, the 3rd Prussian has deployed & advanced on the 3rd French as the 4th Prussian marches on the field behind them.
On the extreme left French dragoons have charged the Prussian foot advancing in line.  One dragoon unit threw a shower of hot dice & smashed thought Prussian lines then went on to take out the 4th corps artillery behind them, still undeployed.
On the right the French 1st corps is moving left to support 3rd corps while the battered 2nd corps neutralises the shaken Prussian 2nd.
In the centre the French reserve cavalry is moving to outflank the Prussian 3rd corps.
On the left, the French dragoons have fallen back after their successful charge while the 3rd French infantry & artillery have overlapped the Prussian 3rd's line & have decimated their foot with fire breaking the corps.

The Prussians have now lost 3 corps broken & clearly couldn't win.  It was a very interesting scenario with both sides in with a chance.   The charge of the French dragoons on the extreme left was the decisive moment that ensured French victory. 



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