Wednesday, February 14, 2024

4 player bolt action

Germans: Renfrey & Mitch.
US: Mark & Mike.
Each player had1000 pts.

The deployment areas for each player were decided by drawing cards.
Renfrey's Germans: Near RH corner.
Mitch's Germans: Far LH corner.
Mike's US: LH centre.
Mark's US: RH centre.
There are 6 objectives: The bridge & the road junction in the centre. Corners of the two plateaus. The farms at each end.
The US immediately grabbed the two central objectives & the Germans the two at the ends of the tables.
Mark took the far plateau objective but Mitch attacked it with 2:1 odds & gained it.
Mike took the near plateau objective, but Renfrey counterattacked & took it.
The Germans won with 4 objectives to 2.
The Germans won by better concentrating their forces on the critical objectives, defending their easily gained objectives with minimal forces.  

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