Tuesday, February 27, 2024

English Civil War

Scots Covenanters: Chris, Mark & SteveJ
English: Mike & Jim
Each side had two all arms divisions with random deployment.

Jim's English start close RH corner.
Mike's English start far LH corner.
Steve's Scots start centre right.
Chris & Mark start far RH corner (Chris has the infantry, Mark the cavalry).
At the far end, both sides infantry advance on each other as their cavalry move towards the centre. 
At the this end all the Scots face the English while the English infantry oppose them while theri cavlry start moving towards the centre.

The Scots have now consolidated all their cavalry in the centre & charged across the bridge.
On both flanks the infantry & artillery are exchanging fire.
In the cntre, the Scots cavalry that charged across the bridge were defeated.  The English cavalry then crossed the river, but were broken by a counterattack by Scots cavalry.
On the far flank the English infantry are gaining the upper hand against the Scots foot, breaking teh Scots right flank.
On the near flank the English have begun an advance. 
On the near flank the English musketeers in the wood have broken their opponents in the open & the division has begun a general advance.
In the centre, the cavalry face off across the creek in a stalemate.
On the far flank, one English pike shot unit has had to pull back, but the Scots foot has been rolled up from the flank & that division has broken.

With one division broken & the other under pressure, the Scots concede the battle & break off.


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