Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bolt Action Tank War

 With Chris still lighthouse keeping & Mark & Mitch with Lurgis, only three players again tonight.  We decided to have a simple Bolt Action tank battle.
Germans (Steve):  2 Panther platoons of 3.
Brits (Jim): 2 Fireflies & 2 Cromwells.
US (Mike): 3 Shermans & 3 M10s

Random starting deployment: Brits in closest corner, US in RH corner, Germans in far RH corner & centre of other side of table.

On the far flank t3 panthers holed up in the wood.  The M10's traded long range shots while the Shermans advanced.  One M10 got knocked out.
On the near flank the Brits advanced down the LH side of the table.  A Panther came round the edge of the wood & picked off the lead Firefly, but a Cromwell got a non lethal hit & bad morale dice made the Panther retreat.  Another panther advanced to point blank in the woods & missed the Cromwell which shot back effectively.  Then the Firefly took out the Panther on the ridge facing the US.

On the far flank both sides lost tanks as the US advanced to close range, but the US could afford the losses, the Germans couldn't.
On the near flank the Brits swamped the last Panther.
With Brits advancing from one direction & the US another, the Panthers in the wood were doomed.
After taking early losses, the allied ended up decisive winners.

Steve brought along his copy of Warlords new tank battle rules Actung Panzer for show & tell.  The rules go into great detail for individual tanks with data cards, chance cards & lots of counters.  It looked very gamey.  By contrast our game tonight showed how vanilla BA with only tanks makes a really easy to set up, easy to play & entertaining game, where you can concentrate on tactics rather than the rules.  

Warlords are bringing out v3 of BA next September.  We can only hope they just fix the bugs & don't stuff it up like Battlefront did with v3 of FOW.


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