Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Bolt Action

Both sides had 2 platoons totalling about 2,230 points & lots of tanks.
Germans: Armour & mortars Regular, infantry Veteran.  Jim, Mark & SteveJ
Brits: All Regular troops, but 1 more tank & 1 more infantry squad than the Germans .  Mike & Mitch.
Each player had a platoon except SteveJ just had his Tiger.
The three ridges along the table centreline were objectives, counting as held by your side if you have troops on any part of it & the enemy doesn't, otherwise counts as contested.

After deployment turn: The Germans are on the left.  Having three objectives forced both sides to deploy spread out across the front, but the Germans concentrated all but one of their panzers in the centre.
There are three separate battles going on, one on each objective hill.  (There are British infantry off shot on the RHS of pic).
The far flank was pretty much a stalemate.
On the near flank the Germans were outnumbered, but held on to dispute the objective.
In the centre, the tank v. tank fight was indecisive for a long time, fought at close range, but the Brits in cover & the Germans mostly hull down.  But on turn 5 the Germans finally got the range & finished off the 3 British tanks in the centre, leaving them in undisputed control of the centre ridge.
The Germans lost 5 units to 8 Brits so won on casualties as well as objectives.   


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