Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Napoleonic Naval again

With only two players tonight we reprised last weekend's game with the same fleets, but different random deployment.
SteveJ: 4 French & 4 Spanish.
Jim: 2 British squadrons of 3.The Spanish are in the far corner, the French on the right.
Wind coming left to right down the table.
The Spanish tried to run behind the Brits, but the Brits are tacking to starboard to intercept their run.
The French are tacking to beat up to windward to help their Allies.
The 2nd Brits are sailing towards their comrades as fast as they can.

The Spanish turned to starboard & ran past the 1st Brits exchanging broadsides.  The 1st Brits are tacking to pursue, the 2nd Brits closing from upwind.  The french are workign their way uo towards the 1st Brits.
The 2nd Brits have caught the tail of the Spanish squadron.
The 1st brits & the French are engaged at long range.
The 2 rear Spanish ships have struck their colours then run aground as the lead 2 ships run for Cadiz.
The 2nd Brits are passing to Port of the French exchanging broadsides.
The first Brits have engaged the French on the other side.
The 1st Brits have passed the French & are about to tack back.
The French & the 2nd brits are exchanging broadisdes.  Both are receiving heavy damage but extra ship is telling for the French.
The 1st & last French ships have had to fall out of the line with critical damage, but all 3 Brits of the 1st squadron are in the same state & the flagship so badly damaged she has had to fall out of the line.

We adjudicated the result from there.  The Brit 1st squadron flagship will be captured while the other 2 ships escape.  But the French won't hang about because the Brit 2nd squadron is in better shape than them.  The French will follow their surviving allies to Cadiz with their prize while the Brits will burn the stranded Spanish ships.  

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