Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Dresden 1813 Western Flank

At Dresden Napoleon faced 120,000 Russians & 170,000 Austrians with 120,000 men.  Over night after the first day he utilised interior lines to support Victor's Corps on his right flank with Latour-Maurburg's cavalry.  Murat then had 35,000 men facing the Austrian 3rd Corps of 24,000 men, cut off from the main Austrian army by a flooded stream.  In the pouring rain, muskets were hardly half effective, the superior  numbers of French cavalry forced the Austrian infantry into square & blew them apart with their horse artillery.  Meanwhile Napoleon held off the rest of the Allied armies the outskirts of the city.  The 3rd Austrian Corps was destroyed & the Allied withdrew.

The battlefield was scales at 0.5m to 1km rather than the true scale of the rules of 1m per km & the no. of battalions halved.  This made the action the right size to fight in a night. 
Rules: House Rules M2M. 
Figures 28mm.
French: SteveD, Mike & SteveJ.  Austrian: Mitch & Chris.  

The Austrian are deployed on the left, with Victor's first Division at the table edge at the start of play.
Victors other 2 divisons & Latour-M's cavalry are now on the table.
The French suffer significant casualties from the Austrian batteries as they push forward in the rain.
The French are attacking the centre of the Austrian line with infantry & cavalry & have set a battery to support an attack on the village.
The French are making hard work of their attack on the village with their artillery fire failing to find nay decent dice.  Their cavalry have broken the line on the central ridge & are now fighting the second line on the far slope.
The French attack on the village has taken one house, but has run of steam.  The Auustrian behind the village are withdrawing to a new line on the ridge behind.  On the central ridge French artillery is steadly reducing the last Austrian squares.
The French have given up the attack on the village after their force on this flank was reduced below half strength.  French cavalry have broken thru the Austrian centre leaving the artillery to mop up the last squares. On the far flank the French have finally crossed teh creek after the Austrian hussars on the far back had to withdraw to avoid being flanked.
At the scheduled end of battle time the French have mopped up the Austrian right, but the Austrian left has beaten of the French infantry & formed a new defensive line.

The French have won the ground & won the battle, but the Austrian players can claim victory as they did much better than the original Austrians. 


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