Tuesday, December 27, 2022

WWII Desert War

Afrika Korps: Jim & SteveD. Troops Confident Vets. 
British: Chris.  Troops Confident trained.
House rules. 15mm figs 10'x6' table.
Scenario: Prime objective: Break the enemy army.
                Second objective:  If no one achieves the Prime Objective: Take the village.

The Brits are on the near side of the table after deployment platoon by platoon BA style.

The Germans have concentrated their infantry to advance thru the palm plantations towards the village. The British have two platoon deploying out of trucks into the village.  Their 3rd infantry platoon is still in its trucks in reserve. 
The Brits have one 25pdr battery on the ridge on their right.  Another battery was deplyed on their left but is being moved to the centre.
The German light howitzer battery is on the plateau on their right, currently laying smoke to screen the 25pdr battery.
The German Pak38 battery is being deployed in the palm trees in the centre. 
On the far Flank 3 Crusaders & 3 Matildas are advancing on the German left.  5 MkIII* & 3 MkIV are moving to meet them. 
The Germans have sent 2 MkIII to their right flank to counter 3 Crusaders heading that way.
The Infantry are exchanging fire in & around the village. 
The Brits have deployed their 2nd 25pdr battery on the central ridge to engage the Paks.
On the far flanks the Panzers are getting the better of the tank
One British infantry platoon has been broken, another is below half strength & shaken, but they are being reinforced by the 3rd platoon and 4 bugs. 
On the far flank the panzers have won the tank fight.  The 2 surviving British tanks are retreaing while the panzers are moving back towards the centre.
The Germans have now lost an infantry platoon, but the other 2 are in good shape & the Brits only have 1 infantry platoon left.
The Brits have finally advanced their tanks in the centre against the Paks after reducing them to two by artillery fire.   But it's too late as the panzers are moving into a position to counter them & the last of the British infantry have been broken by Hitler's buzzsaws.
The British force isn't yet broken, but the Germans have the village & they have no way of re-taking it.  The Brits concede defeat. 


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