Sunday, December 04, 2022

WWI Cruiser Battle

Germans: BC Von der Tan, CAs Blucher, Scharnhorst, Gniesnau & Roon, 3CLs & 6 DDs. (Jim)
British: BCs Indominable & Invincible, 3CAs, 3CLs, 6 DDs (Chris)
Ships 3D printed 1: 1500.  Rules: House Rules Dreadnaughts.

The Germans are at the far end.  The DDs out front are within sight of each other.  
The Brits sail forward with only small course changes to avoid islands, with CA on the left, BC in the centre & CL on their right.
The Germans are re-ordering their squadrons, to match the British with like on like, sending the CAs to the right & bringing their CLs to wards their left.
The BC's are firing ranging salvos over the German CLs, but so far without success.  
In the foreground the German CLs have got in front of the von der Tann & Blucher to engaged the British CL & DD.  In the centre the Bulcher is the first ship to range in (on Invincible). The German CA are engaging the British BCs.
The LC action is going in favour of the Germans.  Most of the Brit DDs have been sunk though they did inflict serious damage on one CL. 
The German CAs have suffered heavy damage from the British BCs.
The Blucher's 8" guns have sunk the Invincible with a flurry of 6's, but  von der Tann hasn't hit anything yet.

The German DDs have sunk a CL with their 1st salvo of torpedos & the rest of the squadron is running away from a second salvo - without success as a 2nd CL is sunk by it.  
The CA Roon has been sunk by Indominable, but the Brits have had enough & Idominable & the Brit CAs lay smoke & runs for home.
The Germans have lost only the obsolete CA Roon.
The Brits have lose BC Invincible, 2 CLs & 4 DDs.

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