Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cancon Practice at Nick's

Richard's Finnish Light Inf  v. Jim's Hungarian Light Inf

Roadblock mission, Hungarians defending.  The Hungarians chose to ambush a Finnish infantry platoon with their heavy platoon, but just 3 teams killed wasn't a good return.

The Fins hunkered down near the objectives and brought on anti-tank guns & pioneers on the right.  The Hungarian artillery wiped out the antitank guns but the pioneers counterattacked the heavy platoon.  The pioneers took out the anti-tank rifles but were decimated by HMG fire & an infantry counterattack - they fell back behind the farm.

The Fin deployment was completed with heavy mortars on their left and light mortars on their right.  The Hungarians brought on infantry on their right, and their Paks and T38's on the left.

The Hungarians converged their attack on their left, the infantry following up the T38s.   The tanks took the objective but the Fins mounted repeated counterattacks under smoke to keep it in dispute. 

The Fins fought bravely almost to the last man, but the T38s prevailed for a costly win.

Both players were happy with the way their lists worked.  The Fins lost, but only 4:3 in a mission/terrain combo that didn't particularly suit them.

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