Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hail Caesar 21/12/11

Steve's Successors v. Jim's Romans and Mike's Gauls

The Romans/Gauls are on the left of the pics.  The Successor's deployed with Phalanx and supports in the centre, Elephants & light inf on the their right and cavalry on their left.  The Allies deployed the Gauls in the centre, Romans on their right and both cavalry divs on the left.

The Allied plan was to charge the enemy centre with the Gauls while holding off the enemy cavalry with the Romans and skirmishing with the elephants with cavalry.

The Gauls were a bit slow advancing, but got there eventually. The velites were soon disposed off by missile fire.  The legionaries then squared off v. the cavalry.  But neither side wanted to risk a charge so the two lines skirmished with each other ineffectually until the battle was decided elsewhere.

The Gallic infantry did rather well on the first impact, breaking one phalnx and pushing one back, but the phalanxes fought back and with some light cavalry coming over from their left, the tide looked to be turning against the Gauls.

But on the far flank, the Gallic cavalry got tired of pussy footing around and charged the elephants.  This was the battle winning move as elephants immediately broke. 

The Roman cavalry rode to the centre to help the infantry deal with the enemy cavalry while the Gallic cavalry galloped around the wood and into the flank of the phalanx.  The phalanx division broke and with it the Successor army.

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