Saturday, December 03, 2011

FOG at Nick's

A hoplite battle put on by Carl using his 28mm figs and FOG rules.

Carl's figs are absolutely drop dead amazing!  And a big hoplite phalanx is a joy to behold.

The battle was Athenians vs Spartans.  The Athenians had better light troops, and an extra phalanx, to make up for the superior Spartan phalanx.  Nick was the Spartans, helped by Tony later, vs Steve as the Athenians.

The Athenians deployed in a line, with much of their line on a ridge.  The Spartans deployed an almost matching force opposite, but held it back on the plains, and meanwhile tried to win with their Spartan citizen hoplites and cavalry in an attack on their right.

The attack on the Spartan right bogged down. Although it was winning, it was not winning fast enough. Steve advanced his force off the hill to attack the Spartan center.

Steve had bad luck in the center -- his attack, which should have had an advantage, got bad dice on the first turn, and suddenly the Spartans gained an advantage.

With the Spartans winning on the right and in the center, Steve conceded.

We will be doing the same battle using Hail Caesar some time in the new year.

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