Friday, December 02, 2011

Hail Caesar in the Wilderness 01/12/11

Jim’s Romans v. Chris’ Carthaginians

I took advantage of the need to go to Strahan for work to stay overnight and initiate Chris Arthur into Hail Caesar.  The troops travelled well in their stationery drawers jammed tight in the boot – better than Hannibal’s men, though I too had to cross mountain passes on twisty roads in snowstorms.  (It was the first day of summer – gotta love Tasmanian weather).

8x8 table. Four divisions each totalling 450 pts. The mission rules were:
Place divisions alternately – tossing to see who goes first.
The side placing the last one moved second.
Victory conditions:
1) Take enemy camp & hold undisputed until end of enemy’s next turn.
2) Break 3 of 4 enemy divisions.
3) Break both Roman legionary divisions.

The Romans (on right in the pics) deployed the legions in the centre with their allies on each flank (1 med inf, 3 small cav each). The Carthos deployed Gauls in the centre, their Citizen spearmen with light infantry on the right, Numidians (mix of elephants & cav on their left and their Punic horse behind the gap between the Gauls & Citizens.

The Carthos advanced on their right and held their centre & left back. The Romans tried to look busy on the left flank, buggered about on the right and advanced with the RH legion. The LH legion was also supposed to advance, but didn’t.

The Roman allies on the left lost half their number keeping their superior enemy busy. Not much happened on the Roman right/Cartho left as both sides had command difficulties. The elephants tried to assist the Gauls by attacking the legion’s right flank, but the Triari held them off while the Legion smashed the left of the Gallic line. The LH legion belatedly advanced, peeling off troops to pin down the Punic cavalry while 2 units pressed on towards the Gauls.

The RH legion continued on over the Gallic bodies into the camp. The Gauls tried to counter attack to take it back, but they didn’t make it before the LH legion broke a 3rd unit to break the Gallic division.

The Romans held the camp uncontested and won the battle. The inexperienced Carthos made the same mistake as the Seleucids the previous night – putting too much weight on one flank so their centre wasn’t strong enough to stop the legions.

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