Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maharajah Grand Final 2011

Byron's Panzers v. John's Cossacks

2000 pts Cauldron on 8x6 table, Cossacks attacking.

On the hill watching:  Jim, Leigh & Richard.

The initial deployment was rather sparse.  The Soviets deployed 2 assualt gun platoons + HQ, The Germans deployed 2/88's, a MkIV platoons & HQ.   Both sides had air support.   (The pics are taken with the Russians coming on from the right).

Byron's immediate ambush was 3 Panthers which he placed in the wood in the foreground.

Things were looking for Germany when they promptly dispatched 3 assault guns.  But then the cossacks showed up...  They rushed up to the Panthers in the wood.  One Panther bogged, Byron probably erred in trying to fight on to save it and lost all his Panthers.

The Cossacks swarmed onto the objective and dug in.  Now it looked like a cake walk for the Russians.

But the Huns weren't done for yet.  Their panzergrenadiers and Luchs came on and they counterattacked the cossacks from two directions with them and the MkIVs.

The Russians held off the attacks and held onto the objective while the Germans failed army morale.

So John becomes the worthy winner of the 17th Maharajah Trophy competition.

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