Sunday, December 04, 2011

Maharajah 2011 Semi-Final 2

Byron's Panzer Lehr v. Mark's US Rifles

2000 pts Midwar.  Dust Up Mission on 8x6 table.

It could be that Mark blew this one by wrong choice of table quarter to deploy in. He had to defend an objective on the front edge of a difficult hill.   Byron saw the oportunity, left his infantry & artillery in reserve and put all his armour down at the start.

The US 90mm AA on the hill were blown away by the massed tanks before they could even fire.  Then 2 platoons of MkIV's hosed the GI's before they could dig in.

The Shermans moved up to hull down, but were outgunned by the MkIVs.

The leading platoon of MkIV's drove the surviving GI's off the objective, but losses on the tanks accumulated and surprizingly the Panzers failed morale and ran off while the GI's hung on.

But it wasn't enough.  The 2nd Panzer platoon was still there and Pumas had moved around both flanks mowing down the 105 gunners and threatening the rear objective.

The last Sherman unbogged and disputed the rear objective, but the last GI team was killed by the 2nd Panzer leaving the front objective in German hands.   The battle was over before anyone got any reserves on the table.

The Grand Final will be between Byron's Panzers and John's Soviets, date yet to be determined.

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